Reproductive medicine, Gynaecological ambulance, care for pregnant women

We provide medical care in the field of reproductive medicine, gynecology and care for pregnant women. Trying to get pregnant starts with a diagnosis and simple methods of treatment. We also place a lot of emphasis on prevention in reproductive health - whether it is an appropriately chosen contraceptive or the preservation of eggs and sperm for later use. The commitment to our approach is also represented by the endowment fund that we have established for couples with limited financial resources.

Reproductive medicine

Genitrix is an assisted reproduction clinic. In addition to classic IVF cycles (in vitro fertilization), we focus mainly on natural IVF cycles and minimal stimulation during IVF. We do not exclude anyone from treatment due to age, number of eggs or their financial situation. We look for a solution for every couple that respects their approach to treatment. Even for older patients, we do our best to get you pregnant with your own eggs.

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Gynaecological ambulance

The Genitrix Gynaecological ambulance provides health care in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics.

Feel free to ask us any questions or visit us in person, even if you are not a patient. In acute cases

Genitrix foundation

A foundation that focuses on financial aid for patients, new technologies and innovations for the clinic and for education and development of our staff

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gynaecological ambulance

phone number: +420 284 684 646
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