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Monitored cycle, support ovulation

Folliculometry is performed - Using an ultrasound examination to monitor the growth of follicles (sacs containing eggs).

According to the size of the follicle, the doctor determines the date of ovulation and chooses the most suitable date for conception.


Insemination is planned in the ovulation cycle - the cycle when we expect the egg to be released. The doctor continuously monitors the growth of the follicles with ultrasound and schedules an IUI appointment. Sometimes mild hormonal support of ovulation is also used.

During IUI, the sperm are purified in the laboratory, concentrated and inserted directly into the uterus through a thin catheter. The advantage is not only the high concentration of sperm but also a shorter journey to the egg, which, together with correct timing, increases the probability of pregnancy.


IVF is the basic method of assisted reproduction in the treatment of infertility. It replaces the part of fertilization and development that naturally takes place in a woman's fallopian tubes. With in vitro fertilization the eggs are collected and fertilized in the laboratory and the resulting embryos are cultured for several days. The best quality embryo is then transferred to the uterus.

IVF has highest success rate of all fertility treatmants.


Natural Cycle

No hormonal drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries during a natural IVF cycle. Natural ovulation is used which is determined during an ultrasound examination (folliculometry).

Minimal stimulation

During an IVF cycle with minimal stimulation, very low doses of stimulation drugs are given. Stimulation is very well tolerated. The goal of the treatment is to obtain 2 to 5 eggs.

Benefits of Natural Cycle and Minimal Stimulation:

  • minimal amount of hormones
  • minimal risk of complications during egg retrieval
  • no risk of hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
  • egg collection can also be done without anesthesia (at the discretion of the patient)
  • less financial burden
  • save the patient time
  • possibility of frequent repetition

Classic Stimulation

During the classic IVF cycle, different types of stimulation preparations are used to stimulate the ovaries. The goal of the treatment is to obtain a larger number of eggs for fertilization.

This method can be used for almost all fertility disorders.

You can use your own sperm/eggs for fertilization or if necessary, you can use eggs/sperm from an anonymous donor. Eggs and sperm can be fresh or frozen (cryopreserved).


The aim of this program is to give you basic information about your reproductive health. This information will help you plan your parenting and thus prevent possible problems with conceiving your own child now or in the future. The patient receives a report with a detailed assessment of the condition and determination of the pregnancy prognosis.

For Women

  • Consultation
  • Evaluation of medical history
  • Ultrasound examination and evaluation of the state of the ovaries and uterus
  • Examination of the hormonal profile
  • Examination of the patency of the fallopian tubes
  • hysteroscopy, if necessary.

For Men

  • Consultation
  • Evaluation of medical history
  • Sperm (semen) Analysis


Fertility preservation (Social freezing) is the preventive freezing of eggs or sperm for later use. This process prevents problems with pregnancy and increases the chance of conceiving one's own child even in the future, when the quality or number of reproductive cells may decrease.

Current options for freezing reproductive cells are safe and your eggs and sperm can be stored in a cryobank. Their quality and ability to fertilize thus remains preserved for many years.

When is it appropriate to freeze eggs / sperm?

  • the woman or man is undergoing treatment (e.g. oncological) that can negatively affect the production and quality of sperm or eggs
  • the social or economic situation is not favorable for conception and postponing pregnancy could reduce the chances of having a child in the future
  • a woman or a man engages in risky occupations or sports, moves within an environment with a high concentration of harmful substances or faces health problems
  • the woman is over 32 years old and does not plan to become pregnant in the near future

Why Genitrix IVF:

Genitrix is a reproductive medicine clinic. In addition to classic IVF cycles (in vitro fertilization) we focus on Natural IVF cycles and minimal stimulation during IVF. We do not exclude anyone from treatment due to age, number of eggs or financial situation. For each couple, we look for a solution that respects their perosnal approach to treatment. Even for older patients, we do our best to get them pregnant with their own eggs.

Reproductive clinic in Prague with a family atmosphere

  • The owner is a doctor and a specialist and all doctors at the clinic make decisions based on the interest of the patients. Economic indicators are not decisive factors in the operation of the clinic.
  • The foundation/donation fund is the only one in the Czech Republic that seeks funds for patients with low income and for further development of the clinic.
  • A calm atmosphere without stress and no waiting.
  • We are a new facility, we want to succeed, we pay specific and personal attention to every patient.

We focus on natural cycles and minimal stimulation

  • Gentle infertility treatment that delivers good results.
  • Natural cycles and minimal stimulation with lower drug doses reduce the risk and burden of side effects.
  • We also try to get older patients pregnant with their own eggs.
  • We focus on the quality of eggs and embryos, thus increasing the chance of pregnancy.
  • We fight for every embryo!
  • Favorable price for artificial insemination.
  • Only the procedure you really need - we don't recommend unnecessary methods.

The focus is on the patient

  • Every patient is individual and unique to us.
  • Each patient's treatment is personalized to maximize the chance of success.
  • Communication with the patient is efficient and managed by a specialist.
  • Empathy and kindness - our personal approach will help you through the stressful and challenging period of infertility treatment.

An experienced team of specialists with access to modern equipment

  • We also operate a gynecological clinic on the premises and can therefore provide women with long-term comprehensive care.
  • Thanks to our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and technologies, we can offer you advanced treatment methods.
  • A team of doctors and embryologists from the Czech Republic and international assisted reproduction centers, with many years of experience.

Who is behind Genitrix

MUDr. Vladimíra Bernátková
Vladimíra Bernátková

director of the clinic, head doctor

The Genitrix clinic was first established in 2012 by MUDr. Bernátková (Paseková) as a private gynecological clinic and has expanded to infertility treatments on the premises.

In 2021, MUDr. Bernátková supplemented outpatient gynecology and care for pregnant women with a reproductive medicine/assisted reproduction clinic.

In addition to classic IVF cycles, she also focused on gentle treatment - natural cycles and cycles with minimal stimulation, which are often neglected in other centers and offers patients the opportunity to get pregnant simply, safely, without unnecessary methods and at a favorable price.

At the same time, she established a donation fund that can provide financial support for low-income patients so that infertility treatment can be accessible to anyone who needs it.

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phone numbe: +420 602 556 351

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