Price list*


Introduction consultation (the first visit of a new patient - gynecological or pregnant - does not apply to patients trying to get pregnant) 1 400 Kč
Partial consultation (reimbursement maximum once a month - for repeated examinations) 500 Kč
Cavity test (ultrasound examination using Ex Em Foam) 700 Kč
Hormonal Profile 5 000 Kč
Cardiotocograph 20 min recording of fetal heart activity 300 Kč
Pregnancy counseling 350 Kč
Oncological cytology 400 Kč
Gynecological ultrasound 500 Kč
Gynecological examination 500 Kč
Entrance gynecological examination 700 Kč
Removal of small growths on the genital area under local anaesthesia1 500 Kč
First trimester screening1 800 Kč
Reproductive cell supply assessment (hormonal profile, examination, consultation and written evaluation by a reproductive specialist)4 500 Kč
Mirena intrauterine device6 000 Kč
Kyleena intrauterine device7 000 Kč
Jaydess intrauterine device6 500 Kč


General anaesthesia3 500 Kč
Inhalation anaesthesia (Entonox)700 Kč
Cervical conization2 500 Kč

BIOCHEMISTRY (does not include serum collection and separation)

Blood tests - Serology complete HBV, HCV, HIV, syphilis2 250 Kč
Hormonal profile (LH, FSH, PRL, E2, SHBG, testosterone, TSH, anti TPO, AMH)3 100 Kč
* Prices are valid from 1.8.2023.

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gynaecological ambulance

+420 284 684 646
+420 734 240 424
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Contact details

Genitrix s.r.o.
Jarov Health Care Centre
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130 00 Praha 3
Czech republic

gynaecological ambulance

gynecological check-up, pap smear, pregnant patients, etc.

phone number: +420 284 684 646
mobile phone: +420 734 240 424
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